Best Premium WordPress Themes for 2018

Best Premium WordPress Themes for 2018A reader asked a question on another blog post that I could all readers of this blog could benefit from so I’m going to address it now. Best Premium WordPress Themes for 2018.

That’s an excellent question and there’s no easy, quick fix to a situation like this. I would begin by asking the other search engine optimization company to give you a list of places they submitted your link to. Then you should contact those sites and ask if they’ll remove your link. If that SEO company won’t provide you a list of sites then ask them to undo what they did. If they refuse that then you can (and should do this anyway) verify your website with Google Webmaster Tools. Perform a link analysis on your site to see what inbound links you have and identify the ones from bad neighborhoods. Contact those site owners and ask them to remove your links.

If worse comes to worse and the website owners refuse to take down your links or you can’t contact them, look up the Whois information on those sites to see who the web host is. Contact the web host and let them know that they have bad neighborhoods on their servers. A reputable host will remove the sites and shut down those accounts. They will also remove your links.

Premium WordPress Themes – Multiple Sites

It may seem intuitive. You need relevant inbound links. They need to be relevant. They should come from authoritative sites within your niche. Why not just build a bunch of sites within your niche with different domain names and link them together?

There are some dangers in doing this. First, if all of your sites are hosted through the same web host then it is likely that they will exist on the same web server. That’s a big red flag where the search engines are concerned. Several sites linking to each other and that exist on the same server are too closely related to be of any good to each other. They are likely owned by the same person or group of people so it’s like a mini-network of sites and Google has pretty much killed networks.

Even if you solved the server class problem, there are issues. Suppose you host all of your domains at different hosting companies. That way they are all on different servers and different IP blocks. Good for you. If they are all linking to each other with no links out to other relevant sites and no, or few, inbound links from other relevant sites, it still looks like the link pattern of a network and it will be likely be treated that way by the search engines.

Furthermore, if your sites are all registered under the same name then your Whois data could be giving you away.

While it’s possible to fool the search engines today, you likely won’t get away with any long term strategy of link networking. It is best to build quality content and develop social proof. The search engines will treat you better.

Premium WordPress Themes – How Many

When it comes to link building there is no way to overemphasize the importance of backlinks. It is pretty much common knowledge that you need them. Different search engine optimization experts will put varying degrees of emphasis on them, but all SEOs pretty much agree that they are important. How important are they? Do you need thousands? Hundreds? How many is enough?

There’s no easy answer to the how much is enough question. It depends on a lot of factors, primarily the competitive nature of your niche. One keyword in a very competitive niche may require tens or hundreds of thousands of thousands of backlinks just to make a dent, and a small one at that, in the armor of your competition. Why bother beating your head against a stone wall?

Instead, go for the smaller, less competitive keywords first. The ones that won’t require an army of link builders to spread artillery all over kingdom come just to sound like the squeak of a mouse. If you target those less competitive key phrases and get respectable traffic from those, once you capture the top of the search engine rankings for the long tail phrases, you’ll start to see yourself climb for the more generic phrases within your niche. But it takes time. And patience.

How many backlinks does it take to succeed? One more than you had yesterday. Just keep plugging away, one link at a time, until you win.

Premium WordPress Themes – Linking Strategy

Do you have a diverse link building strategy or are you too focused? One of the biggest mistakes new webmasters make is to get too focused on one method of building links. That’s a sure way to kill your link building before you even start. If you want to make the most of building inbound links to your website then you should seriously consider building links from a variety of sources and not just one. But what sources?

The following list is a good list of places to build inbound links to your website as part of your long term search engine optimization efforts. Don’t just hone in one one.

Here is a list of some very good type of relevant links to use:

  • Commenting on other blogs
  • Local profiles
  • Niche blogs
  • Video online marketing
  • Article marketing
  • Forums
  • Directory submissions
  • Social networking profiles
  • Social bookmarking
  • Niche blogs
  • Related websites
  • Ping lists (for blogs)

The key to link building is to seek out links from a variety of types of websites and authoritative sources. You don’t have to target all A-list sites or all sites within your own niche. It’s OK to step outside of the boundaries as long as you aren’t spamming people and trying to get something for nothing. Be a part of a community. Give, then get.